The Bright Side of Social Media

Social media for good

Use social media to inspire good social change.


The social media landscape is in a perpetual process of dynamic change. Social media communities have gathered in groups and as page followers since the late 90’s as new internet service providers were introduced and became more accessible. People began creating social lives, getting involved in real-time conversations such as with Twitter. But the ability to give more was introduced by My Space, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn who set the stage for the social media market empire that it is today. Collaborative platform ability and functionality that encourages easy and real-time communication using the internet was one of the best tech innovations to introduce social good causes. A way to enable communities from around the world to collaborate in mutual interests and about topics that really matter to them.

Social Good Explained

According to Investopedia; the capitalism-based definition of business states that companies exist only to provide the maximum possible return to shareholders. This has often not run parallel to serving the common good in ways such as promoting clean air and water, and financial independence for all citizens. As corporations focus more on corporate sustainability efforts and social responsibility in recognition of a de facto social contract with the public, their business models may expand to include more work to promote social good in their day-to-day strategies and operations.

Social good is the crypto-currency for a better society. 


Social media is the fastest and most effective way to receive news 24/7. Smart organisations have taken advantage of social media channels to gain “top of mind – industry brand exposure” by encouraging real world conversations around their brands to influence people by the content they provide for audiences. Authentic storytelling and user-generated content (UGC) are popular methods used in sharing news that people care about.


We have a whole new world of affordable “social media advertising” tools that are constantly upgraded and updated with competitive advertising and great marketing real estate. Most features are trackable and provide campaign data provided in insights by popular media channels.

What are you doing with Social Media?

Inspire great change by using the power of social media for social good.

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