Rise Robots, The Next Industrial Revolution is Here


The human species has by far, come very far. “Charles Darwin” most certainly didn’t see the rise of the machines coming in his theory of evolution through natural selection, the (Origin of Species, 1859). Machines are replacing and will still replace many people in jobs but as we evolve – machines will also create new jobs demanding an advanced technology skill set.

Sceptics aren’t wasting time saying that this era may cripple Africa’s economy compared to the rest of the world. In a recent article I read that qualified engineers are emigrating from South Africa putting pressure on the engineering industry to attract more engineering talent.

Not enough investment into the education of STEM skills is happening

Financial and technology giants should be encouraged to improve on investments into STEM education initiatives that complement the future of business industries. We need to begin exploring and setting excellent learning and development programs in motion.

Not enough awareness about the importance of STEM skills

In South Africa it’s reported that pupils struggle to achieve average results in IT, Science and Maths. I believe there are just not enough sponsored learning campaigns driving motivation and awareness around the importance of STEM skills and there are not enough sponsored corporate initiatives to drive and support the need to educate all people about the fundamentals.

Currently there is still a far distance to go in mindset to empower all our people in benefiting and majoring in affiliated robotics and technology fields. We need to fast track awareness and encourage education in these fields.


Africa is experiencing a death of innovators in STEM fields and this shouldn’t be the case. (STEM refers to degrees in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and maths.) Ed-Tech needs to be bigger.

A large part of our over 1.1. billion population is under the age of 35. The world is in desperate need of future innovators and that all begins in our school classrooms and workplaces. We need to fast track our focus to increased learning and development initiatives and the retainment of skilled workforces depleting on an annual basis around the globe.

“A report released by Merrill Lynch predicts 47% of jobs are at risk in the next 20 years. The future is here, the rise of the machines has already begun.”


Is your skill-set ready for this? Upskill and learn more about technology, it has to become a key focus area of your career.  Have a technological approach to everything and expand your knowledge. Think digital, think automation, and think about the internet of things driven by superior world-class technology.  Where do you fit in?

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