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Placement Partner Tech Review

Most of us are aware of the fact that the age of automation is well under way. Businesses are more competitive than ever and we know we need to get our processes up to speed in order to contend, but you may be wondering what that means to you as a recruiter?

What is an ATS?

It is an Applicant Tracking System; a specialist software suite designed to streamline the recruitment workflow and save you valuable time.

Imagine all the mundane tasks you are faced with every day – writing up the same advert again and again on each of the job boards, reading through applications which are completely unrelated to the role, retyping CVs…

With an ATS like Placement Partner Recruitment Software, all of these tasks can either be completed by the system or can be made A LOT less painful.

Let’s take a look at some of the specialized features which Placement Partner has to offer:

  • A CRM system to help you keep track of client and candidate interactions, which allows you to set reminders for items which require follow up action.

  • A centralized platform to create a vacancy advert and send it to your website, job portals and social media in one go. Advertising keywords also make it easier for job seekers to find and apply to your vacancies.

  • A centralized, secure database for all ad responses to go to instead of clogging up your email. Your database is constantly growing over time, making you less reliant on shared talent pools, with no added effort on your part.

  • Automated reminders make for effortless task management. As you work the system automatically reminds you of all interviews, candidates starting job, candidates finishing contracts, follow up calls, and so on. 


  • Custom Referral CV generator allows us to programme your system to pull a candidate’s profile information onto your branded referral CV at the click of a button… No more typing!

  • Detailed reports are provided to manage and optimize your performance. Whether you are the owner of an agency or just a junior consultant, the system enables you to analyse and benchmark your performance for improvement with ease.

  • A host of additional specialized features such as bulk SMSing, Video Interviewing and Marketing Tools to boost your business.

If you’re still having trouble understanding how this type of software can benefit you, it may be best to speak to a consultant in person.

The Placement Partner team have a broad understanding of both the recruitment industry and ATS’s. They are a great source of information, even if you’re only looking to learn more about business automation in the recruitment space.

Contact Lezanne at Placement Partner 082 333 6686 / [email protected]

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