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CareerJunction is a familiar brand in the recruitment industry. This proudly South African job board, established in 1997 and owned by international parent company Stepstone, is ranked among the top job boards locally.  

But CareerJunction is more than just a job board, and here’s why. The company has an enviable target audience and prides itself in always measuring and evolving their processes to achieve a delicate balance of quality vs. quantity. This is core to giving their clients a positive recruitment experience and their efforts have paid off.

Here’s a quick snapshot of their job seeker demographics:

  • 79% are currently working full time.
  • 82% have achieved a tertiary education.
  • 71% classify as AA/EE candidates.
  • 55% are skilled, senior/management.
  • Main audience: SEM 7-10 group (heavy consumers of media, including digital).

While their website offers standard recruitment solutions such as CV search and job posting, it is their advanced search and match technology that sets them apart. These include:

  • A structured data CV format to ensure more accurate candidate search results, including star-rated candidates to shortlist potential candidates.
  • Auto-matched CVs when you load a job ad to save you the hassle of searching through each one.
  • Free unmasked applicants when you post a job.
  • Easy-to-use import CV option for job seekers that accurately parses their details to create an online CV/Career Profile.
  • Their website is quite popular, receiving over 1.8 million visits per month, job advertising on CareerJunction is not just limited to their website.

Their extensive list of partnerships and popular job apps also allow your jobs to reach a wider audience. Your jobs also receive exposure on:

  • CareerJunction’s popular job apps (Since the launch of their job app, over 100,000 Android users have downloaded it).
  • Their partner network with a hand-picked selection of media and industry sites as well as the world’s top job aggregators. When your jobs are advertised on CareerJunction, they are automatically published to their partner sites for additional exposure – at no extra cost.
  • The Network – a global affiliation of the world’s leading job boards covering 130+ countries. CareerJunction is the only South African job board who is a member of The Network. By uniting the best local recruitment services into a convenient global solution, The Network has become a mainstay in the online recruitment market. Their membership enables you to recruit both locally and internationally through CareerJunction.
  • CareerJunction does not limit their services to large companies. Their “DIY” recruitment options also give small-to-medium sized businesses access to their advanced recruitment technology, so they too can hire effortlessly.

Apart from being just a job board, they regularly monitor and publish labour demand/supply trends via its CareerJunction Index Executive Summary. Twice a year, they also compile a Salary Review exclusively for South African job seekers and the HR/Recruitment industry to give a true representation of cost-to-company salary packages in South Africa.

CareerJunction is the only job board in South Africa that recognises recruitment excellence as voted for by SA’s job seekers through their RecruitAwards initiative.

They are also passionate about nurturing new talent in the recruitment agency space and for increasing inclusivity. As part of their CSI initiatives, in association with APSO, CareerJunction started an incubator project where they partnered with two BEE female entrepreneurs that were starting out in the recruitment agency business. Both businesses now have access to CareerJunction and its online recruitment services. This includes equipment, laptops with internet access, office space at APSO’s HQ, as well as support & onsite training on using CareerJunction.

For more information on CareerJunction and it’s services, please get in touch with them here.

* TNS Candidate Delivery Index Monitor 2018 / Based on independent study by StepStone (continental Europe)

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